Thursday, 7 April 2016

Birds, Insects, Lizards and Fauna in NZ

This lovely little bird (Zosterops lateralis) seems to have several names it is known by: Wax Eye, White-Eye, Silvereye, to name a few.

I was delighted to have the time to try and capture it on film while in New Zealand.  Mum and Dad's garden seemed to be full of them busy in the bush in the morning and afternoon.

This one is enjoying the bottlebrush. 

I am currently working on an oil painting that I started while in New Zealand of this lovely little bird.

This Tui was rather scraggly looking after the breeding season!

Another well worn out bird 'Mr Blackbird' must have also had a busy and hard breeding season.  He too looking rather worse for wear.  Actually this poor guy also had a 'gammy' leg - possibly broken, but it didn't seem to stop him getting around and by the end of my stay he was starting to look a lot better even if he will probably be left with a wonky leg!

There is also an abundance of insect life around and about the property.

These praying mantis were often seen.

When I first arrived the cicadas were in song and it is one of the first things you hear when venturing outside - it seems so loud!  Within a couple of weeks though they were starting to get quieter until no more remained by the end of my stay.

Cicada casing.

There were some really beautiful Monarch butterflies around the garden this year.

The Rainbow Skinks are becoming a bit of a problem and the place seemed to be over run by them.  Dad said he doesn't seem as many Weta around the place any more and wonders if the impact of these lizards are a contributing factor.

Just a bright glimpse of red seen on my wanders through the bush on their property.

Out and about I also saw some more bird life which of course I couldn't resist photographing.

Muddy!  I think this one was taken at the Whangarei basin.

Another Shag

Shag with Paradise Duck

Another post to follow with more photographs of the lovely area these two birds were photographed.



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