Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The passage of time

I have been home for over three weeks now and things I had planned to do as soon as I got home are still on my 'To Do List'.  Time seems to pass by far too quickly and sometimes I wonder just how it is possible that yet again it is evening time and I feel like I haven't achieved enough in my day.    True I got a load of washing out on the line today and took the car in for an MOT, had lunch out with DH and went for a walk in the woods, did some hand sewing - finishing the last hem of a batch of dresses I have been making,  but sometimes I feel like I should be getting MORE done around the house...but hey I guess it will get done eventually.  The thing is I do like to 'take time out' to admire the countryside, nature, the birds, flowers and animals and of course dear Percy who is growing up so fast and providing us with lots of love and fun.

Sitting in the sun...listening



Chewing on his 'squirrel bone'

Very tasty he has made sure he has been out of reach all day!

Hopefully the result will be him losing his last canine baby tooth that is hanging in strong!

The beauty of the Maple against the blue sky yesterday afternoon.

The colours provide inspiration.

Cheeky squirrel this morning...

The wonders of nature - a baby robin.

I enjoyed watching this little youngster robin being fed this morning - missed capturing a shot though - it was an absolute delight.

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  1. I miss squirrels even if that is a grey! :D Things will get done....whenever! It's important to take time out and drink it the beauty of what's surround us. x


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