Sunday, 13 April 2014

Books and Gardening

At the recommendation of a friend of mine I have three new books to read.  Not sure yet which one I am going to start with, but they all look interesting and will hopefully be good reads.

We have been having some lovely weather, a bit cool in the mornings but the day warms up to be quite pleasant.  I even had washing on the line today and it dried!  First time for goodness knows how many months.  

Some more work has been done on the vegetable beds and I have added:

Brussel Sprouts

Plus I have sowed the seeds for:

Runner Beans

The apple blossom looks gorgeous.

Some more general tidying up and weeding in the back garden has been undertaken and progress is indeed being made.

Ideas we have for the garden are:

A rockery (I would also like to incorporate a pond as well)

A patio/seating area by the office and studio with the spa pool that has been waiting to be assembled for the past goodness knows how many years!

Redo the patio by the house - it was taken up rather a number of years ago now and never relaid.

I wonder what the chances will be of getting these things done this year?!


  1. With all the plans for outside work you'll be lucky if you find time to read your books! Oh well, I'm sure you'll have to take a break some times and what better way to relax than to sit with a cold drink somewhere in the shade, and read.

  2. I shall be very interested in your views of Cold Comfort Farm when you eventually get the time to read it. The last book looks rather interesting. Good luck with the rockery and pond. I managed the pond a good few years ago in Eagleton but my rockery is rather a non-event although I do have a lot of rocks dotted around.

  3. Can I make a request please? As you have comment moderation could you dispense with the word verification?


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