Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Garden, Dog & Cavies

Well so far we are having some amazing Spring weather and as such I am making the most of spending as much time in the garden as possible soaking up the sunlight to get some Vitamin D, and of course enjoying the light.

Our maple tree looks just gorgeous with its bright green leaves against the wonderful blue sky.

The mock orange is looking great and in the evening it smells wonderful.

Today we have cut back some of the bushes and trees to let in a bit more light into the garden.  

I have planted three potato 'plots'

One in this wicker container and two in specially designed bags which are currently next to the glass house.

Tomorrow I hope to work out just where to put the raspberry canes, the gooseberry bushes and blueberry plants that need to be planted.  I am hoping that we will get enough gooseberries this year with my existing plants and the new ones to make a batch of gooseberry jam as I didn't have enough last year.  

I also need to make some kind of box for some more onions that I want to plant.

Our little dog Percy is enjoying his new found freedom of having the run of the garden and house now that he is the only dog in the house.

He is just over a year now and a right character!

Look into my eyes...

A real bundle of fun and inquisitiveness 

I only have three guinea pigs left now sadly, although only having three is a lot more manageable!   These three get on really well though and are enjoying the grass.

Max, who is 5 years old, Oscar is 6 years old and Rocky is the baby at around 2 years old. 

I am also back into juicing again - I have missed it the last couple of months.  Hopefully the garden will produce some of the fruit and vegetables for juicing later in the year.  I have planted enough spinach and silver beet plants!

It may be green, but it tastes super nice.  This juice contains:

Manuka honey 
Acai berry juice


  1. I love Percy ♥ I didn't realise you had lost your other dog :( So sorry xx As your garden springs into life ours goes to sleep.

    1. Yes, sadly while I was away - rather devastating.


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