Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rockery & Pond finished!

Well another really busy day in the garden...first up though off to the garden centre to get a couple of water plants and some suitable for my rock garden

Here it is finished...the pebbles/stones were all collected from our garden a few years ago when DH worked hard to clear some soil from the base for his office.  He sifted all the soil and we were left with loads and loads of pots of stones.  We knew they would come in handy one day!  The bigger rocks were also from around our garden.

It is only small, but I did it all myself and am really pleased with it. I didn't work to any plan, I just had an idea of what I wanted and it all came together 'just like that'.

My husband had wanted to plan it all out...but I knew if we did that, or rather if I waited for him to do it, we would still be waiting several years down the track...hence why our spa pool is still sitting packed up in a box ready to be assembled!  These things take planning you know.

It will be interesting to see how this evolves.  We are hoping to add some frog spawn, or tadpoles to it at some stage.

I am loving it.

While busy working I have had a little feathered companion close by.

More planters were potted up.

Due to lack of actual space for planting, the blueberry and gooseberry have been put in planters.

The old laundry basket is being used for potatoes

Still some tidying up to do, but everything planted now...well until I decide on anything else!

I was delighted to find our first ladybird in the garden.  Unfortunately not the best photos of it.

Just because...another photo of my rockery and pond.


  1. Well done, it'll look really great when the plants establish themselves. Be careful about collecting frogspawn, you're not supposed to take it from the wild, if you do it's meant to go back to where you got it from. We used to get some for the pre-school so the kids could watch them develop, we always took it back to where it was spawned. Maybe a frog will fond your pond and choose to lay there herself :D Oh and don't get me started on men and unfinished jobs! Threaten to do the spa yourself or leave the yellow pages open at the handyman page ;-D lol

    1. Don't worry the frog spawn is from the fish pond at our other place.


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