Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The makings of a pond & rockery

The fields around us are covered in yellow at the moment - the rapeseed is in full blossom and the contrast with the blue sky is just beautiful.

Now the other day I mentioned I as working along the fence line...clearing, pruning and generally cutting back.

This is an 'almost' before photo...  the picnic table is rotted as has the frame for the swinging chair so both will be dismantled and taken to the dump...that is DH's job!

It was all rather straggly and messy.

Part the way through tidying up, already looking clearer...

I had in mind for this spot a pond!  So on the pretext I persuaded my husband that we needed to go to the garden centre to see if they still had the rock garden mini-bases they used to have...they didn't but they did have a small pond liner!  Perfect for the job in mind.

I got to work and started digging...

Work done so this project still has a lot of work, I want a slightly raised rockery type garden behind  it and of course need some suitable plants both for the rockery and the pond.  

These were just the rocks we had around in the garden - I don't want to have to buy any if at all possible as they are ridiculously expensive and I object to having to pay for a rock!

The Cherry tree is still looking gorgeous.

Percy is enjoying chewing a 'crocodile'.  In these two photos you can just about see his longer white hairs along the ridge of his back and by his tail.

The flowers I planted out the other day in the front garden have already started flowering.  Once the other plants have grown up I think this will actually look quite nice.

So nice to see flowers in the pots again.

It is early evening now and the birds are coming down to have a wash in the bird bath and to feed.

Mrs Blackbird is busy inspecting the ground for any tasty grubs.

She has a drink...

...then decides it is time for a bath.

Another lovely day in the garden.

Oh and our little contribution to an Easter display


  1. You are so full of ideas and energy, you inspire me. I can just imagine how your pool area will look once you are done! Be sure to post pictures of the finished area.

    1. I will do, hope you have seen it...still work to be done, but making progress.

  2. OOh my eyes are watering just looking at that rape and now me snozz is blocked!! lmao! Shame about the swing seat, was the seat not salvageable? Cute pond, looking forward to watching the progress. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Sadly the swing seat isn't that salvageable, it is worse than it looks, but I am thinking about whether there is anything I can do with it, as it seems a shame to just dump it...


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