Friday, 11 April 2014

Days in the garden.

I have had a busy couple of days in the garden catching up with planting and weeding!  Still a lot to do but making progress.  

I discovered, thanks to a friend a new garden centre the other day and the bedding plants were amazingly cheap so we stocked up on some plants for me to use for my pots.  I planted out 28 pots today, plus three hanging baskets and one wall basket - not bad going.

Pots on the Porch

Seating area - still needs work, tidying up, slabs cleaning and seat sanded down and repainted.

It is amazing how much is flowering - I was greeted by a mass of flowers in the garden after being away for six weeks.

Love this plant which is a lot earlier this year than last year.

Our Cherry tree is also flowering a month earlier than last year.

Dandelions are in full force on the lawn, so the three remaining guinea pigs have their work cut out for them!

The four blue pots have been replanted with dahlias.

Loving the magnolia.

The mock orange smells lovely in the evening.

The camellia is putting on a lovely show.

Our maple has flowered for the first year.

Gorgeous orange.

This centre garden had got rather out of hand and it was time for most of it to go...

When we first planted it, we had little tiny shrubs and a bark garden, but over the years it has all just taken off.

Plants out, wood surround to go.

Percy is investigating...

Looking better and more spacious already, still some clearing up to do and a decision to be made just what to plant (if anything) around the base of the tree.

Next job was cleaning the 'glass' house windows and weeding and planting the vegetable boxes.

Two tomato plants, a yellow pepper and a cucumber


Another courgette.

Weeded and one tomato plant in with the rhubarb

Some parsley and another cucumber 

Two tomatoes, a red pepper and some lettuce.

We popped out today and came home with... Aloe Vera plant which needs to find a home and...

...a Bull Terrier!


  1. Your garden is springing into life and ours is going to sleep. We had a couple of really big thunderstorms last night and finally we're getting some rain though as I look out of the window the sky is clearing and I see blue skies again. I love bleeding hearts. Is it good to be back 'home' do you call it home now?

    1. Do you know Sue I really don't know what I call 'home'. NZ does feel like going home and I feel very comfortable there, both driving around and just general living, but home is also where I live with my family.

  2. My word ... you have been busy ... it looks lovely ... now go and put your feet up :0)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You and I spent our days doing the same thing, namely visiting garden centers and spending money. Isn't it fun?

  4. What is the pink plant that you love because I quite love it too, and wonder if I can get it here in NZ. Your garden is looking so pretty, cannot wait to see it when all your new plants are doing their thing!

    1. Hi, sorry, forgot to put the names of the plants on the photos. It is a Dicentra spectablis (Bleeding Heart)

  5. It's looking lovely. I'll soon be back to my Scottish garden but it is a world away from yours out in a windswept, open and treeless landscape.


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