Thursday, 24 April 2014 the print getting smaller? Percy - Who says size matters?

I have managed to get the final book in the list that my friend recommended to me while I was in New Zealand.  Hoping this one has easier print to read as the book I am currently reading has rather small print and my ultra expensive vari-focal lens just don't work like they fact I just can't read with them on, even though I am supposed to be able to.  I keep going back and forth to the optician getting them 'altered' and whilst they have improved, it is still impossible to use them for reading.  Fortunately I do generally read without wearing glasses and can manage to do so but the print in 'Cold Comfort Farm' is just too difficult when lying in bed at night, which is now when I do my reading.  As a result I also ended up buying the book for my kindle - that way I can enlarge the print if necessary!  I do prefer a book though as it is easier to flip back pages if you want to go back to refer to something.

Anyway this is the forth book on my reading list.

I also bought two other books that I had seen mentioned on a blog and they looked intriguing and I thought they might help me with some of the ideas that are rattling round in my head at the moment.

They only arrived today so haven't had a chance to look through them yet.

This afternoon I could hear Percy out in the garden making some unusual noises...I went out to investigate and had to have a laugh.

He had found a big ball to play with.

  Look no feet touching!

I'm a Chihuahua...who says size matters?!

That's right, kick it for me...

Come on, come on...

Grrr...  look I don't need to have my left feet down!

Running away

First week back at Art Group today after being away for six weeks, plus the Easter break.  Some new work in the pipeline...I will be taking progress photos, but will show once finished.


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    1. He is certainly a bundle of fun!

  2. I had those two Austin Kleon books on my wish list, but had to take them off due to lack of funds, but I would like to try and get them from the library.

    Do you remember the movie of "A High Wind in Jamaica" with James Coburn and Anthony Quinn? It had the most haunting song, and the ending is so poignant--I don't think I could read the book. I thought I might be able to download the song at iTunes but apparently the singer, Mike Leroy, has had copyright problems with the motion picture company and they won't let him release it. Such a shame.


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