Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Day Out - Audley End

In no particular order, some photos of our trip to Audley End house and gardens today.  

This lovely English Heritage property can be found in Safrron Waldon in Essex.  It is an amazing early 17th century country house and renowned as being one of the finest Jacobean Houses in England.  It certainly was impressive!

The front of the house.  I think I could live here quite happily, don't you?

The stable block!  Finer than many a house for sure.

Lovely wisteria in flower against the wall of the stable buildings.

Another view.

The gardens are simply gorgeous.

As I said lots of photos!

The wall garden was magnificent, gorgeous tulips.

I love the way the apple trees were trained.  Makes for a lot easier picking that is for sure!

So many lovely ideas for a garden even if you have to use on a much smaller scale!

These were incredible.

Each flower looked like it had a bee inside it.

In fact this one did!

The gardner's residence.  Very basic, but then I am sure he didn't have time for much else!

Again very basic, but then I would imagine he just collapsed to sleep at night.

One of the lovely horses out for a walk round the grounds.

The back of house.

Again beautiful stunning garden.

A moth on the wall of the information centre.

This is the view from the back of the house.

We had a lovely day out indeed and Percy enjoyed himself as well. Especially when he got to play chase with a friendly chihuahua friend.

Exhausted - on the way home.

Dinner, inspired by seeing the wonderful vegetable gardens I made a quiche.  It contains, butternut, broccoli, asparagus, red pepper, silverbeet and onion.

Very tasty!

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