Thursday, 1 June 2017

Thankful Thursday

Happy 1st June!  What a beautiful day it was too.  

Today I am thankful for my gorgeous roses which always bring me much pleasure.  These photos were all taken this morning.

We went and visited some friends and had a lovely lunch out at The Silver Fox Pub in Hertford Heath.  We walked to the pub and it was lovely to see a lot of the gardens in the village also had roses, although I didn't have my camera on me to take any photos.

I took a couple of portrait photos of two of my guinea pigs this morning as well.  Need to take two more.

Felix looking good.

Sleek Sylvester.


  1. Happy June first to you too although it will be June 2 when you read this because I'm really late reading blogs today.
    Your Roses are so lovely!!

  2. Beautiful roses, such beautiful colours.

  3. I really haven't thought about cavies since I was a child until your recent posts.


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