Monday, 26 June 2017

Nature Notes - Monday

I've got a bit of a 'Make Over' post to write, but haven't quite finished with photos, so in the meantime, so photos of birds taken over the last couple of days.

It has been a delight watching the little Blue Tits in the garden.  Every year a pair of Blue Tits raises some young in an old bird nest box that the Sailor made at Scouts many years ago.

Trying to decide how to get to the food?

Early this morning there were quite a few young Blue Tits flitting about round the feeder, they were  a delight to watch. 

We have also had some young robins as well.  Sadly I found a dead fledgling on the lawn over the weekend as well.  Not sure how that died.  Our garden is generally cat free due to the dogs.  

This one appears quite healthy and inquisitive though.


  1. We have no tits and few robins, blackbirds or thrushes but lots of finches, sparrows, pipits, larks and various other species that I don't see in the south.

  2. Always a joy to see birds in the garden. Problem with that is I am forever looking out of the window and don't get a lot done.

  3. I always like to see the different birds you have. We don't have any Blue Tits but we do have Bush Tits. They look to be smaller than the Blue Tits. They make an unusual nest, like a long soft sock hanging from a branch. They travel in flocks and it is so cute when they all try to hang on to a suet feeder at the same time.

  4. I enjoyed the pictures of the robins, which are quite different than what we call robins in North America.


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