Friday, 9 June 2017

Friday Already?!

I started to do some work in the garden yesterday, but by 12.30 the rain started coming down, so I had to abandon my attempts.  I am pleased with what I have got done so far though and perhaps this is a good way of 'pacing' myself...something I am not very good at when I am not feeling quite so bad - I want to get all I can get done that I can.

Today I managed to do some more gardening and now most of the planting out has been done with the exception of the larger plants.

Earlier in the week we had bought some plants.  There is a fabulous nursery not too far from us that has great prices, so we stocked up!

This wonderful selection for the various pots and hanging baskets.

These four plants - difficult to tell in this photo, but there are three Jasmine, a Bottlebrush and a Ceanothus

I have started to clear in front of the Cavy shed.  This was last done about six years ago now I think it was so it was well overdue.  What started this off was the fact that the original planter had rotted away so had to be thrown away.  We found a new one that won't rot yesterday that I thought would be perfect for the spot so we brought it home with us.  Armed with the plants above, I started clearing the area, re-shingling, although I have now run out of shingle so it is only partially finished.

Before, after I had removed the rotted wooden planter

After weeding, putting down shingle and potting up the new planter.

Just need to get some more shingle so I can finish it.  We may have a bag at the end of the back garden - hopefully!

I planted up the hanging baskets - two on either side of the window.

A couple are hanging from our metal archway

Plus one from the Cavy Shed.

The wall planter also got new plants.

I had lots of pots to fill!

It is still rather 'messy' in this area, I now need to clear it, paint the shed and sand down and paint the seat.

We got the paint for the shed and seat today, so hopefully I can start that job tomorrow.

Our wheelbarrow 'people' also have some plants...

The roses are looking great.

The above photo was taken with my Canon, the photo below with my husband's Panasonic Lumix

This was is one of my birthday roses - it is called 'Birthday Girl'

Today it had opened up a bit more.  I took a couple of photos on different settings.

My other birthday rose is also flowering well.

This one is called 'Happy Birthday'

We have a lot of self seeded foxglove in the garden and they are also looking gorgeous.

In the 'edible' garden...

The gooseberries are coming along nicely.

We have some raspberries.

The beans have also started flowering.

The piggies got cleaned out today.

They always enjoy rummaging around in the fresh hay.

They also have a nice pile of freshly cut grass.

They have all put on a bit of weight as well, which is good to see - shows they have settled in well.

Bailey is very fond of the 'Loop' treats.  

This time he is trying out 'Mint & Thyme' Loops.

Oops!  She caught me...Felix was trying to carry his off to eat in secret.

Stanley had his birthday on the 6th June and is now one year old.

His ears are still defying gravity it seems!

Although I caught him here just before he ran off as he was in a very playful mood.


  1. Beautiful garden all your plants look healthy and settled in their new planters/pots. Loved the roses, particularly the yellow ones. A joy to see your beautiful dog Stanley.

    1. Thank you. It was a rather productive day today so I will be updating with more progress in a day or so.

  2. Now those roses are really beautiful (to my eye). [I make that comment bearing in mind I didn't take to "Rock and Roll"]. Stanley looks splendid. He must take a great deal of grooming. This year is a good year for foxgloves up here. It's the one wild flower I'm happy to let grow almost anywhere in the garden. I do love the quirky wheelbarrow 'people' too.

    1. I think Graham that the more natural looking roses are the most beautiful... Rock and Roll is definitely not to everyone's taste. I like it because it is quirky, and it is one of two 'quirky' roses I have in the garden...the other is 'Purple Tiger' which doesn't actually flower especially well.

      The Garden of the Rose has sadly gone into Receivership and isn't open this summer. I was hoping to get one more longed for rose from there this year - I missed out on it last year as my MIL wanted it as well! She won, and it is looking fabulous in her garden...of course that makes me want it even more ;-) We will miss our weekly summer excursions to the Rose Garden.

      I do tend to prefer a more 'natural' garden, so the quirky wheelbarrow 'people' are a bit out there for me, but they are good at making you smile as they wave hello as one walks done the garden path.

  3. All your hard work will be rewarded with lovely flowers...your garden is a feast for the senses.
    Such gorgeous plants of all varieties.
    Happy birthday Stanley! Such a handsome boy.


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