Friday, 2 June 2017

Friday Treats.

Okay, so you are probably going to see quite a few Cavy posts for a while...

Today hubby and I bought them a load of treats.

Bailey offered to try them all out!

Yes, this met to his approval as did the little 'Woodland Loops' which he wolfed down extra quickly.

The 'tree' was put in their hutch and they couldn't wait to start nibbling on it.

Some good stretching going on here.

Jeremy and Sylvester also approved, although are not so 'brave' as Bailey and Felix in having their photos taken 'in action'.

On the garden front when we arrived home from the garden centre we were greeted with this sight:

'Rock n Roll' had fully opened and was covered in rain drops from the heavy downpour we had just had.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I think they are. It is fun to see their little characters develop.

  2. What totally pampered Guinea pigs you have.
    Your flowers are very lovely.

  3. Sounds you are enjoying having the extra guinea pigs, they are so cute.
    Love the flower pics, such stunning roses gracing your garden at the moment.
    Amazing shot of the bee visiting your flowers.

    1. Yes I am Marina, it is a long time since I have four, so it is nice to have a little group again.

  4. The cavies might be adorable but that rose is not to my taste at all.

    1. I am guessing that is the red and white striped one Graham...I can understand that.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the pics of your gorgeous flowers. Rock n Roll is right! I've never seen a rose like that before.

    1. Thanks for visiting me over here Steve :-) I do whitter on a bit! Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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