Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunny Sunday in the Garden.

Armed with these and some brown Cuprinol stain we already had my husband and I set to work yesterday to paint the sheds and the chair.

A before photo - you can see the green shed is in bad need of repainting.  I wanted to do this before I planted some Jasmine up it.

I did one coat, and then hubby did another for me, as it started to really hurt my arm painting between all the trellis work.  Yes we probably should have taken it off first...but it has been on there a long time so we decided to leave it.

Jasmine planted.

The Cavy Shed was also well over due for a paint/stain.  We shared this job.  Hubby did the sides, back and front and then I did another coat last night of side and front.  This morning I finished with some more coats on the front and sides.

You can just about see that the seat is in bad need of a repaint as well.  I rubbed it down with a wire brush to get off all the flaky paint and then painted this yesterday.

It is quite an old seat now, we having 'inherited' it. I painted it a few years ago now, so it was well overdue for a new paint.  Eventually we will have to replace the woodwork, but it should see out another season or two yet.

I reorganised the pots inside my little 'nook'.

I guess the back fence could really do with painting as well, but some of it is covered with ivy.  Will have a think about that as it will be a fairly big job.

It is nice and cosy in here, and a great little sun trap and also sheltered from the wind.

I can look out over the rest of the garden as well.

I have weeded along the pathway and replaced the shingle, so it is looking a lot tidier.

I have finished both sides with shingle to the end of the Cavy Shed and one side to the end of the green shed.  I still have to do the other side of the path.

It feels good to achieve something after so long.  Sure I hurt, but at least there is a reason for these aches and pains after a good couple of days out in the garden.

Accompanying me this morning was Mrs Blackbird who really is quite fearless.

She had fun picking up little grubs from my disturbing the soil.

I must decided where the bottle brush is to be planted.

This rose is just outside our bedroom window and is looking glorious.  'Super Trouper' it is called.

Finishing with the piggies...

I saw a reasonably priced small portable guinea pig pen in The Range the other day.  My son went and got me it a couple of days later.  I also bought one via Amazon, but I don't think it is as good so the jury is currently out as to whether I am going to keep that one, or send it back and see if I can get another of these.  

Today I just set up the one pen and the boys took turns in going out on the grass in pairs.

It met with Felix and Bailey's approval.

Sylvester and Jeremy were also pleased to get out on the grass.   They played 'follow the leader'

Poor Sylvester has rather chewed ears.  They were chewed when he was a baby by I believe his mother.


  1. Gosh you have been busy. I must get outside and do some "housework" and tidying in our patch too.

    1. Thank you Jane. I am really quite proud of myself, it has been so long since I have achieved anything near this amount of work. Nice to see it looking tidier as well.

  2. You really have been busy but well worth all the effort, it looks amazing. A beautiful garden.

  3. Happy piggies! Mine are jealous of the grass.

    Beautiful flowers and everything looks better with new paint! :-)

  4. That's looking really good. I have to do my fences every year such is the affect of the strong salt-laden winds.


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