Sunday, 18 June 2017

Nature Notes and a Weekend in the Garden

Another lovely weekend spent in the garden. I do love it when it is warm and sunny, it seems to energise me and I can actually get things done which in turn makes me feel so much more satisfied.

On Saturday we popped over to Bunnings...I was delighted to see this store opening over here as I was familiar with it from NZ.  It hasn't disappointed so far.  A big warehouse style store, and good prices on a whole.

We'd taken our son over there as he needed to get a few bathroom items.., but we ended up coming home with so much more!

Another two roses for the garden, a 'patio' standard rose which will be going in along our pathway - there is currently a small rose in the spot I am going to plant it in, so I will move that rose.  We also got a lovely white climbing rose...names to come...................  we also bought an Asiatic lily 'Orange Joy'  and a Coreopsis 'Golden Sphere'.  

I've already put both these in pots.

The best thing we got though was some 'EZborder'  It really was 'easy' to install as well - I did it myself.  We have been wondering what to do about the edging of the rose garden as it constantly spills out onto the path as the bricks aren't high enough. This was simple to install and doesn't look too bad.  Better than every other option we had seen so far.  I am rather pleased with it.  Now just need to get some new bark for the garden.

Before, all rather messy and often spilling over onto the path.

After - still need to tidy up the falling rose petals, but so much neater already.  Next job is to weed and then re-bark the garden.

Just need to clear out the little edging and put down some new shingle.

The 'gap' we had beside the fence in the back garden we have planted Ceanothus "Skylark"


Today I have been busy out in the garden again.  Unlike a lot, I find the sun and heat energises me and finally I am getting things done and able to ignore the pain levels to some extent - although it did take me quite a long time to get moving this morning.

I have planted up the wooden wheelbarrow


  Yesterday I cleaned out the pond and refilled it.  I still have to work out what to plant around the actual pond, everything I have tried so far hasn't survived!


Wooden wheelbarrow planted up.

 I have planted a small begonia, Coleous Kong, Lobelia Hot Tiger and Begonia Santa Cruz.

I have planted 'Peach Patio' the Patio Standard Rose down our pathway.

It is such a pretty rose, with a delicate fragrance.

The little patio rose that was in this space I have transplanted to another spot in the rose garden.

Difficult to see in this bright light.

'White Star' a Harkness Climbing Rose has been planted beside the other climbing rose, I am hoping they will eventually both intertwine and should look gorgeous. 

This was it yesterday.

Today it has opened right up.

It is a very pretty white rose.

My other birthday rose 'Birthday Girl', a Floribunda rose I have planted in a pot for now.  My rose garden really can't fit in any more roses!

My other birthday rose 'Birthday Girl', a Floribunda rose I have planted in a pot for now.  My rose garden really can't fit in any more roses!

Beside the patio against the wall of the house I have planted Jasminoides Trachelospermum, this is an evergreen, so I am hoping it will grow well here.  Still need to put up some trellis for it to climb up.

I have two more Jasmine plants to put in the garden, just need to work out where...I am running out of space!

The clematis is looking fabulous over my Cavy Shed.

The hanging baskets are starting to fill out 

Just love my quiet little seating area and spend time out here everyday. 

A few roses:

The guinea pigs are enjoying getting out on the grass.  Our garden is quite shaded out the back so it is reasonably cool for them which is good.

Lastly, while I was busy in the garden this morning I had a very close companion, who at times was just a hand distance away - I could have stroked her!  She was busy gathering a beak full of worms, so I am wondering if she is still feeding young.


  1. Gosh you have been busy and the edging looks really good. Interestingly I got home recently and discovered the Bunnings label on something I had bought and was intrigued because I'd never seen Bunnings outside of NZ. I had bought the item in Homebase. I now know that Homebase is owned by Westfarmers who own the Bunnings brand amongst a huge number of other businesses with an income of AU$65.98 billion in the 2016 financial year. The world gets smaller every day.

  2. All you hard work was well worth the effort, your garden is looking amazing. The edging looks particularly good.


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