Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Nature Notes on a Tuesday

Nature Notes from my son's garden.

The poppies are still looking good, such a lovely vibrant selection of colours.

The weather is very hot and sunny, I like it like this, although even I admit I wish it would cool down at night, as it really is far too hot to be able to sleep comfortably.  During the day however, I am loving it.  Unlike many, the heat energises me.  I can actually get things done, and feel enthusiastic if not very sweaty at times!

Nature is at its best at the moment.  Colour and variety abound.

The Hebes are putting on a good show and doing what they do best, and that is attracting the wildlife.

The place was frequented by quite a few butterfly which was a delight to see.

I enjoyed watching this butterfly busy taking in the nectar.

There was a mixture of both white

and purple Hebe, some from the same bush.

The climbing rose by the front door is looking beautiful now it has been cleared and has space to grow and breath.  What a difference some care and attention makes.

I am not sure what this yellow plant is called at present, but I loved the vibrancy of the 'sunshine yellow'.  

It is surprising just how many flowers are starting to appear in this garden after only a few weeks of care and attention.  

While I was enjoying the garden I also spotted this lovely little Tit watching me.


My son, the sailor, and his future wife have been working on what was my father in laws place that we inherited some eight years ago now I guess it is.  We had let our friends stay in it for the last four years, but had planned to sell it - part of the 'grand plan' to move to the Isle of Wight - so they moved out a few months ago.  It seems however, things don't always work out how you initially thought or planned.  I am not quite sure how it happened, but it seems that this home is to remain in our family for a bit longer yet, and thus we probably won't be moving for a long time now (not sure how comfortably the not moving part sits with me at the moment),  However, it has been so lovely to see the enthusiasm and hard work that has been put in to transforming the place.  It reminds me of my first house and all the work I put into it.  Paper has been stripped, mould has been cleaned off and treated, walls, doors and woodwork have been painted.  A lot of work still to do, but very obvious progress has been made and the inside is looking so much brighter.  A lot of work has been put into the garden as well.  There was no lawn left at the back, so that was reseeded and the grass is looking amazing now.  Garden beds have been weeded, an archway put in and climbing plants have been planted.  


  1. Lovely photos and good to hear that you are feeling so positive and enjoying the sunshine. That yellow flower looks like a St John's Wort or Hypericum not that I am a lantsman but we have a big bush of it or something very like it in our garden.

  2. I'm sorry your plans to move to the Isle of Wight have had to be postponed. Hopefully it won't be for too long a time.

    I'm very much a morning person and love to get going early. Then, in the afternoon when it heats up, I fade out. I did get a lot of weeding done this week, even managed to fall ( don't ask me how I did that) but landed on the soft dirt and no damage done, except to my pride.

  3. Sorry to hear you plans have had to change but don't give up on your dream it will happen in the end. I am living proof of that. The garden is looking wonderful, all credit to your son.

  4. I love poppies. In fact I can't imagine anyone not loving them. I recall seeing fields and fields of them in Italy and being blown away (metaphorically). I'm sorry to hear that your plans for the IoW might be delayed. It's a place I've never visited except through your eyes.


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