Thursday, 4 August 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday already!  Wow, where has the week gone?

The day started with a spa - I was rather sore this morning and the spa sorted that out nicely.

I bought some plastic tee plant labels today and have been labelling all my roses.  Still have some to do, but need to find my rose book for the rest which has them all drawn out as to where and what is planted - it is currently 'missing' so obviously I have stuck it somewhere 'safe'.  

On the front of the labels is the name of the rose and on the back I have written the type of rose and date planted.

Tequila Sunrise in all its splendour 

I have potted up the two roses that needed to be planted.

'Faithful Friend' is flowering beautifully.

I've filled the bird feeders

While down doing some grocery shopping I popped into the charity shops as I often do and was surprised to see this chicken crock for £2.50  so I snapped it up as rarely see them this cheap.  This one is 'Moira Pottery' which was in production from 1922 until 1972, but I have also read that although the original pottery closed at that time it was still in production until the nineties, but can't find a lot of information collaborating that.

The quilts have been washed and dried on the line in the breeze.

The first sock is finished.

The second sock is on the needles.

I have been walking everyday - good long brisk walks which feels good.


  1. I've caught up. Being away means that keeping up in Blogland isn't so easy. Please tell me: do the pigeons manage to plague your bird feeders?

    1. We have a couple of pigeons in the garden, but they don't tend to bother the feeder too much... it is the squirrels that are more of a problem!

    2. Ah well. We have no squirrels on the Island so the pigeons are my problem instead.

  2. That is quite a nice arrangement of bird feeders on that pole. No wonder the birds flock to your yard.
    Quilts hanging out on the clothesline look so homey.

    1. I love to watch the birds. Haven't taken many photos of them of late though so must get back to doing that.


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