Saturday, 20 August 2016

A Wet Saturday Activities.

It has been pretty wet and gloomy here today with lots of intermittent but heavy downpours of rain.  Fortunately when I got up this morning at 6.30 it seemed to be a lovely day so I went for my walk with Percy bright and early.  I got home just after about an hour and the weather was already starting to turn with the odd spit of rain.

So what to do do but have a baking and sewing kind of day.

A jar of biscuits.

A slice of Madeira cake for afternoon tea.

A little bit of colour - one of my Celosia plants, (photo taken the other day).

I have been making little dresses to go with the little wooden dolls I have been carving.

I also had this 'almost vintage' Rag Doll Cloth Kit' in my stash of fabric dating from 1981 'Reproduced to mark the Centenary of the Church of England Children's Society - 1981'

She is a reproduction of a Pauline Gilbert Rag Knock-About Doll 'Mignonne' produced by the Deans Rag Book Co., Ltd.

The printed fabric sheet makes one doll and contains instructions printed in five different languages, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. 

Here she is finished - now need to find a home for her.


  1. How I wish we could have some of your rain. We so badly need it.
    I have a Celosia plant but did not know its name until now. It came in a mixed planter I got earlier in summer. Love the bright cheery red.

    1. Ah yes, rain can be a mixed blessing can't it? Here we have so little actual summer that we don't necessarily want the rain, although the garden will appreciate it, not so good for my roses though.

      NZ has had a lot of rain recently - it has been very wet, but then it is their winter.

      Hope you get the rain you need ;-) You are welcome to ours!


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