Thursday, 11 August 2016

Thursday Chit Chat

We aren't seeing so many birds in the garden at the moment.

Most of the visitors are either little Coal Tits or the usual Blue Tit.

Lovely to see them though.  We occasionally see a Nuthatch.

We took my MIL out for lunch today instead of Wednesday which is our usual day as I was busy yesterday.

We bought this cute little hose and reel for me to use on the front garden - I am hoping it will be  long enough and won't get tangled like the big long garden hose does.  I shall report back tomorrow about whether it is any good or not.

As is usual it seems neither me nor Mark are capable of walking past a beautiful scented rose and not be tempted...

Yes another came home with us.  

Adding to our beautiful yellow scented roses.  This is planned for our side/front bed by our bedroom window.  I can just imagine the scent wafting through next summer.

In the back garden 'Oranges and Lemons' is putting on a good show.

This rose has just started blooming - I can't quite remember which one this is at the moment - possibly either 'Summer Song' or 'Lady Marmalade'.  I am still searching for that 'safe place' I must have put my rose book where I have drawn all my plantings out.

This is 'Ingrid Bergman'

'Designer Sunset'

Looking fabulous 'Souvenir Du Dr. Jarmain'

I finished my socks the other evening.  

This will be great for winter.

Lastly some shots of the dogs playing.  They are getting on so well it is a delight to see.


  1. It's good to see the m getting on so well.

  2. Pretty Roses!
    I hope that hose works for you.


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