Sunday, 31 July 2016

Summing up Sunday

I have been busy in the garden today, achieving almost all I wanted to achieve with the exception of planting my two newest roses as we are still slightly undecided as to where they are going.

I have cleaned out the wildlife pond, refilled it and planted a load of alpine plants round it and the Portulaca.  Difficult to see in these photos, but hopefully they will establish themselves.

The wheelbarrow is looking good.

I planted the rest of the bedding type plants in pots and planters in the front garden.

The wall planter is looking good as well.

Some more rose photos - just because they are so beautiful.

'Oranges and Lemons'

On my needles...

The first of a pair of socks.  I have been knitting this on a circular needle instead of four needles and so far it is working out well.

Currently on our minds....

Should we?

Shouldn't we?

Add a new family member to our family?

There is a lot to consider...

Would it be okay with Percy?

I was planning on spending some months with my Mum and Dad to help out...this will have to be shelved and I just go for my usual 5 - 6 weeks next year


  1. What a lovely garden and that 'oranges and lemons' Rose is just beautiful. Never seen one like it. Of course it wouldn't be allowed in my garden!

  2. Add a new family member? Really? Exciting possibilities.


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