Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday Flowers and what not.

A very wet and dreary Friday, so what better way to spend it than a bit of sewing now I have cleared my sewing table which is in our conservatory.  After last nights failed attempts today was much more successful.

Elsewhere in the house.

Fortunately I picked some roses yesterday before the rain today.

I also changed the table cloth to something bright and cheery - which just happens to match the roses!

I also took a few photos of the flowers yesterday

This one was taken today, but many look a lot soggier!

A few days ago...

'What's that?!


'It's a ghost!'

Arghh!  You're kidding me?!  Where?

What really happened next....

Ah sweet Percival.


Little Stanley is growing fast and has his second vaccination last week so we can take him out next week.  Let the lead training begin!


  1. Your orange roses are lovely... and I did notice even before you mentioned it, that the tablecloth matched them. I hope the rain didn't mess the other roses too much. You sure have gorgeous roses.

    1. It is a fun tablecloth! The roses are really pretty - glad I cut some before the rain came down though. I don't often bring roses into the house, I just enjoy them on the plants, but every now and again I cut some.

  2. Your flower photographs are stunning-you capture them so well I felt i could almost smell those beautiful orange roses. Catriona ( in very wet Scotland)

    1. Thank you Catriona for your lovely comment. I hear Scotland has been very wet - we had a pretty wet day yesterday, but hopefully it will be drier today. The roses all have a very beautiful scent.


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