Friday, 5 August 2016

A Busy Friday

Paying attention to the garden has meant the kitchen has been getting neglected and it was becoming some what of a dumping ground and eyesore, so I set to work today to sort it out!

Arghh!  I've already removed one object from in the corner.  We had a radio player in there and it seemed to end up a collection point for all sorts of rubbish stuffed behind it, so it had to go.

Much better, now workable and I feel I can breath again!

Sink is shining and clean.

A little crystal jog with some roses, my pottery egg crock which was bought in New Zealand by my Nan when she visited many years ago now and my little recipe tin.

I could hear a little chirruping the other morning...and who should I find but this young bird outside the back door. He/she even hoped up onto the window sill outside the dining room.  I hope they found their parent okay.

To finish off some roses...of course.


  1. I wouldn't be able to reach your microwave!

    1. It isn't quite as high as it looks (I am quite short) but it can be difficult if you put a heavy dish in there...I mainly use it to heat up wheat packs! We don't have a huge amount of bench space so couldn't afford to have it down on the counter.

  2. Ah roses. I've said it before on your blog but I'll say it again. I do so love roses and I envy you being able to grown them. There is no way they would grow in my garden.


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