Sunday, 12 April 2015

Journal 52: Weeks 8 - 11 & 13

I have been away for the last six weeks without internet access so my Journal 52 pages could only be posted now.  I wasn't able to do all of them as I could only use materials on hand.   The first week I only had a bare minimum of water colours and having not really done anything with this medium before my effort is well...not quite what I would have hoped for!  For subsequent weeks I used the acrylics I  bought locally.

Week 8:  Aromotherapy

Prompt here


Week 9: Artistic Restraint (Using one colour and one shape)

Prompt here.


Week 10: Colouring Book Inspiration

I created my own 'colouring book' page.

Prompt here.


Week 11: Just Write

Prompt here.


Week 13:  Spring Clean

Prompt here

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