Monday, 20 April 2015

A Walk around Stowe Gardens.

Mark and I have been going out most days recently - making the most of the sunny weather while we have it.  I think on average we have been walking 6 - 8 miles a day, so should be getting fit as well.

Today we went to Stowe Gardens.  It was lovely and quiet as all the school holidays are now over and all the children are back to school.

We try to visit places we can take Percy to, and this is one of them and he enjoys the walks as much as we do.

This little finch was flitting around the outside eating area...hoping for scraps no doubt!

Not sure what this plant is, but it was quite unusual and attractive.

Stowe has a huge amount of unusual buildings and monuments.  This of course is built in a Gothic style.

There were some cute lambs in the fields.

The Chinese House - I think we missed this last time we were there.

Looking up towards the fields with the sheep and lambs in and also the Gothic House.

The Folly

Loved the reflections.

It was an enjoyable afternoon walk.

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  1. Not sure if I've been there, might well have but me memory ain't what it used to be ;-) And you are?? Have you been to the Swiss Garden at Old Warden? The Shuttleworth Collection (old planes) is in that area too. It's been years since I went to the garden, I always liked it.


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