Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ashridge Estate

Yesterday we enjoyed a walk through Ashridge Estate to Ivanhoe Beacon and back again.  The day was lovely, although there was quite a bitter nip to the air.  I had a t shirt, two jumpers and a gillet on as well as my warm woolly hat!  But nevertheless it was an enjoyable 6 mile walk.

The valley of Incombe Hole

Windmill in the distance

The chalk lion on the hill that can be seen from the approach to the beacon.

Hawk soaring through the air.


The beacon marker ...some how I thought it would be a bit more impressive than this.

Walking back through the woods of Ashridge Estate you can see the bluebells almost in bloom - we must go back next week as they will look glorious!

A tree trunk covered in vines.


  1. Ah now you've brought back some memories, Pitstone windmill and the beacon. Dunstable downs just up the road where many a kite flying session took place. The Whipsnade lion too, I'm not homesick though, just nostalgic. You should head into Luton sometime and have a wander around Stockwood country park, not like Ashridge of course, but they have the Mossman centre with all the wonderful carriages, the museum and a rather cool Discovery Centre. Worth a trip and it's all free, well it was the last time we were over. If you come in on the road from Harpenden and turn left at the lights for the park, on the right hand side is Cutenhoe Road, it's where we used to live. And we had an allotment in the park too, it's all enclosed and looks like a prison now lol

    1. Loved seeing your photos! Glad the photos brought back some fond memories.


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