Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kerikeri - Fairy & Rainbow Falls

As mentioned before. one of my favourite places in New Zealand is Kerikeri and I always enjoy the walk from the Kerikeri Basin through the bush to Fairy and Rainbow Falls.  

Fairy Falls.

It is just so tranquil

Listening to the water running over the rocks.

Loved the shape of this - reminded us of a face... the keeper of the trees.

Rainbow Falls.

I think I have shown this photo in my 'highlights' the other week,, but loved the way the light shone through this fungi growing on the tree.

Of course the New Zealand bush is never complete without lovely little fantails flitting around.


  1. That is a face on the trunk eh! :D Lovely photos, well done on getting one of those flitty little buggers haha. I have my new zoom lens still to try out, at the weekend maybe :D Have a good one xx

    1. Glad you can see it as well! ;-) Have fun with your new lens.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, especially the waterfalls!

  3. I like Keri Keri. The doc to whom I owe my life moved there from the Outer Hebrides. The Piwakawaka is my favourite bird. One used to come into the Cottage and sit on the chairback on the other side of the table whilst I was writing or having a meal.

    1. Kerikeri really is such a lovely place isn't it Graham. Lucky Doc to live there! It is a place I would love to live in one day.

      I bet you have really missed going back to NZ this last year.

    2. I certainly have missed NZ this year Serenata and The Family and friends and croquet. There have been advantages to being here. One was that we had a hurricane and it didn't fall to my friends who look after the house to sort things out. Thank you for asking.


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