Friday, 10 April 2015

To Catch a Fantail

On film, is difficult to say the least!  These gorgeous inquisitive little birds never keep still....  

Here are a few of my attempts.  The first three were taken in a bush walk in Kerikeri, the last ones were taken on my Mum & Dad's property.


  1. Well done, they're little flitty buggers aren't they :D

  2. I would be so so happy with those photos if I'd taken them. Despite being surrounded by them at The Cottage I always found them hard to photograph and the closer they came the harder it seemed. A few times when I was on the deck (it's a deck with a roof) on the phone one came so close to my head snapping up the insects that it was magical.

    I still think one of the best photos I've seen of the Tui is the one in your header. I never tire of looking at it.

    1. Thank you Graham. I am pleased with the photos but always want to do better! They are such quick movers. They can come so close can''t they - super fun little birds.

      So glad you enjoy my Tui photograph - I'd like to send you a card I have had printed with it on, so if you email me your address - if you want to of course, I would be delighted to post it to you. You can get my email address from my profile.


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