Thursday, 9 April 2015

Highlights New Zealand 2015

Well my time in New Zealand has ended and I arrived home late Tuesday evening.  It was so very hard to say goodbye to my parents and also heartbreaking.  I so didn't want to leave them or New Zealand.  I really want to go back there to live so very much.  

Alzheimer's is an incredibly cruel disease.

Anyway some highlights of my time in New Zealand.


Clouds descending


Wood Pigeon - taken at Mum & Dad's  house.

Mahurangi Regional Park

One of my friend's alpacas.

My friend Jane with a newly born Cria

Kingfisher - sitting on picnic table at my Mum & Dad's.

Water Lily in their pond

My friend Jane and I.  We had some fun times together, including a few days away in Kerikeri

Rose in garden

Monarch Butterfly - I have a few more in this series of photographs I took.

Another rose in the garden.

The fabulous Orewa Beach - I used to work very near here many years ago.  We even set up office once on the beach which was fun!

A glorious day.

Toes in water.



  1. I've still to go to Orewa beach, must make a point of actually getting off the main road and stopping for a while :D Lovely photos, how lovely to have a wood pigeon in their garden :D Sorry we didn't get to meet up this time, next time for sure. Hard choices to make about coming home, but I think in your heart you know what you should do, where the greater need is. xxxx

    1. If you get a chance you must! Hope you had a nice time in Auckland. Was sorry to miss meeting up with you. Mum & Dad live on 25 acres (although my sister owns some of the land now) so they get lots of wonderful birds in the garden. :-)

      Yes indeed...

  2. I really love that clouds descending photo … just beautiful.
    Its hard when you live so far from home … and those homesickness blues hit. Hopefully you'll get to go back very soon.

    1. Thank you, as we drove past that scene, I had to get my friend to turn around so I could go back and photograph to be some benefits to a miserable day.

  3. Gosh that made me come out in goosebumps. I know how much I sometimes miss New Zealand so how you must feel I cannot imagine.


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