Saturday, 30 July 2016

From our windows....

Looking through our bedroom windows in the morning...this is what we see

Some mornings the scent wafts in from the open windows as well which is just delightful

From the outside

My lavender bush was damaged last year when we had the house decorated, and looks rather straggly now.

I am thinking I might dig it out and try and transplant it elsewhere once the flowering season is over and plant a rose there instead.  It is a shame as it was a really beautiful bush, but now just looks all branchy and twiggy (can't see too well in this photo) and generally untidy.

With the changeable weather we have been having, from scorching hot to rain, the weeds have been flourishing

So I must get out in the garden this weekend and get some weeding done.

We have also bought some edging for either side of the pathway that runs between the 'two' rose gardens.

I also have some new plants to pot and a couple of new roses.

These will brighten some pots.

The roses will probably go in the back garden.

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  1. Hello poppet! Crikey it's been a while and I'm so pleased to find youre still blogging. I should have made my post clearer, but I've started a new blog and you can find the link in the post on the beach hut, doh, looks like I need a blogger reminder lesson. Jx


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