Sunday, 24 July 2016

You can't make a small space bigger!

I spent five hours today working on what is supposed to be my sewing studio...I have come to the conclusion that no matter how hard you try, you can't make a small space bigger!  i.e...the things I need to store in there just ain't going to fit!    of course just what I am going to do is another question completely.  I now have a load of thing, mainly wool and some boxes to sort, back up at the house.  I am trying to be ruthless, but not especially good at it, as it is all mainly things that I use, or will use.

Having drained the spa pool yesterday, we cleaned it out today, moved it over slightly and refilled it and I am now waiting for it to warm up - was hoping it would be warm enough for tonight, but it probably won't be.

Very pretty rose just started flowering in the back garden.

Lovely white rose out the back.

Last night I knitted another couple of dish cloths 


Having a break from the impossible task of trying to make a small space larger I had a wander round the house and took a few shots of different things...

This unit is in my utility/conservatory room.  It doesn't really have a particular theme as such, except perhaps some brass ware.  

Some of my blue teapots

A child's set in the corner

My 'small' bears

This book is the first in a series recommended to me by my friend Norvell in USA - I had a hard time finding one (that was affordable!) Looking forward to reading it.

I have one more book to order (the third in the 'Old Filth' trilogy) and then that is it for a while...I am well stocked up now.  These three books were all second hand as well.


  1. You certainly have me beat as far as books read so far this year. You must be a fast reader. Isn't it great to have any number of books waiting to be read though.

  2. I need to read a book. I've loads waiting. I just need to make a start!


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