Thursday, 21 July 2016

Tequila Sunrise

Oops..seems two new roses came home with us today after we had lunch out at a local garden centre.  This beautiful rose was just too pretty to pass is called Tequila Sunrise.

The second is Champagne Cocktail and is a pretty pink and yellow.

They are currently waiting to be planted - probably early tomorrow morning.

A couple of shots of other roses...

Who can help but smile when they have flowers like this to look at?

We also bought some flowers and some more vegetable seeds, probably a bit late in the year, but having been away and one of our salad vegetable trugs finished it needs replanting.

Will show photos of those and where they are to go tomorrow.


  1. Those Roses are quite spectacular. I've never seen any like them. You have a very green thumb I suspect. I wonder, do you ever have problems with the dreaded Black Spot?

    1. Thank you. I am thrilled with these two roses - especially the first, it really is quite spectacular.

      Yes I do have problems with Black Spot and do treat them.


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