Thursday, 3 July 2014

We have a patio!

I have had a wonderful ten days in Arizona, based in Phoenix and arrived home on Sunday.  Jet lag behind me I hope to start working on my photos ready to post.    In the meantime while I was away my wonderful husband made us a patio...we have been without one for at least five years, so it is lovely to finally have one.  

A work in progress...

Finished.  Table & chairs, and our new patio pond which will soon have some plants and fish in it.  

It will be nice to have a more natural sound hopefully drowning out the roar of the M25!

Still lots more work to do, we are going to move the green mini shed and bin that is along the back of the house as well and tidy the whole area up.  They served a purpose but are no longer needed.  Hopefully we might start work on those tomorrow or at least the weekend.  We have seen some raised vegetable trugs, that we might get and use for both vegetables and flowers as it is a lovely sunny area and the raised vegetable beds which don't get much sun and as such are poor producers will also go.

It was lovely to see the wonderful colour in the garden after being away in a completely different environment.

The roses are looking glorious.

Beautiful lily.

More gorgeous roses.



While my husband was working he was kept close company by this sweet baby robin...

Such a cutie.


  1. Welcome back - glad you had a good holiday and what a lovely surprise to get back to a lovely new patio too!

  2. Don't you just love it when you get something new around the house ... I always have to keep looking at it ... to make sure it's still there ;0)

  3. That looks great, all ready for Pimm's and lemonade all through summer :D
    Little Robin Redbreast, sat upon a rail
    Niddle noddle went his head
    Wiggle waggle went his tail!

  4. Nice patio and really lovely flowers! Be sure to take time to sit out on that patio and enjoy the sunshine!


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