Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Grand Canyon - Part One

Well Tuesday dawned bright and beautiful and we headed off to The Grand Canyon stopping at a couple of roadside Navajo Indian stalls and at the Cameron Trading Post...where I got the coolest of things...but these are to be shown later!

Our first stop at the Grand Canyon was Desert View.

Yes Henry was with me!

A very picture heavy post as I am hopeless at picking out 'just a few' photos!

This looked interesting and strangely out of place really.

Old, but not old, inspired by...

The East View Watchtower.

Lots and lots of photos of the Canyon - which really don't capture the sheer majesty and vastness of it.

Enjoying the amazing view and power of the Canyon

Heidi looks like she has her leg in the air...but I think it was balanced on a rock.

Don't fall off!

It really does have to be seen to be believed.

The four Sashakateers...  Me, Heidi, Marti & Sheila

Information panels telling you about the area you are currently in and other interesting information.

We went to see the train....

This was the one that used to be in service.

I thought it best to obey as there was a US Marshall nearby...

We went into one of the original lodges.  There were several heads on the walls!

Marti with Henry

Sheila, Marti & Heidi

Hopi House - an Arts & Craft centre & shop

Yes more views of the canyon.

Sparse vegetation

In case you have a tummy ache, tea to cure all ailments!


Sheila, Me and Heidi

A very interesting talk on Condors was being given over here...we caught the tail end of it.


I would have loved to have done this - but at a much cooler time of the year!

Helicopter tours

Learning about some of the local people...

His cabin.

An old projector


A local bird... be continued...

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