Saturday, 26 July 2014

New Zealand Authors

Two books I have recently finished reading by New Zealand authors which I very much enjoyed are the classic novel by Jane Mander first published in 1920.

This was recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad she did as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The second was a must read and I as a bit worried due to very mixed reviews despite the fact it won the Booker prize, but I have to say I was well rewarded as it too was a book I very much enjoyed reading.

Both books very different to the usual books I read.  Now off to find some more New Zealand authors!


  1. The Luminaries was receiving, as you said, very mixed reviews in New Zealand and I was in two minds whether to buy it when I came across it but I knew that I wouldn't read it whilst I was there and then forgot about it. It's back on the list. I have brought some of my old NZ books over to Scotland but they are more factual books. The first one looks as though it could be interesting so I decided to go in search of a synopsis. It reminds me very much of the film The Piano which I watched whilst I was there last time. So now I have two more on the list.

  2. The ending of The Luminaries was a little disappointing I felt...perhaps it was just me, but the 'summarising' seemed a little rushed, or perhaps a bit of an after thought...not sure if that is the right words to describe how I felt at the end...but I think it is worth a read and I hope if you do decide to read it you enjoy it.

    I have many non-fiction books on New Zealand, about rivers, settlers, nature, history etc...but it is good to read some fiction with historical settings of places and areas that you are familiar with, even if there is a bit of 'poetic' licence involved...which is often necessary to add to the story anyway.

    I have just received today another historical reprint of a novel by Jane Mander, titled 'The Strange Attraction' so will have to see what I think of this!


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