Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Montezuma Well

On Wednesday on our way back to Phoenix we visited Montezuma Well

This looks very interesting...

Unfortunately the light was so bright that this sign didn't come out especially clear which is a shame as it was interesting reading.

Marti told us about this tree.

When you cup your hands round the leaves you can smell the desert and water....

Our first view of the well.

It contains over 15 million gallons (56.8 million litres) of water!

Off to the side was an interesting structure that we zoomed in on to get a closer look.

Looks like it was an old dwelling place.  This pit house dates to around 1050 CE - that is old!

It was so strange seeing this oasis of water in the middle of the very hot and very dry desert.

The colours and reflections on the water were so amazing.

Another information board, again sadly it was too bright to be able to read properly.

The other side.

Vegetation in the water.

The well is home to creatures found no where else in the world.

Looking across the well towards the dwellings in the side of the cliff

Cliff Dwellings

Back up the top we take a few more photos of the well and the surrounding view.

Information about what grows in the surround valley.

Final view of Montezuma's Well before we head back to the car towards Montezuma Castle.


  1. Absolutely fascinating. So much so that I went to the National Park Website and read about it.

    It was also the first time I have seen CE used in a date.

    1. They seemed to used that terminology a lot over there. I had to look it up to see what it meant myself. It really was very interesting and extremely fascinating....oh and very hot!


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