Friday, 4 July 2014

Sedona & Jerome, Arizona, USA

On Sunday I returned home from an amazing 10 days in Arizona, USA.  The first five were spent in Phoenix, part of which were for the Sasha Festival, which if you are so inclined can read about here.

Monday morning we set off from the hotel after the Sasha Festival for Sedona and stayed with Marti's lovely friend Barbie who showed us round the area.

The first place we visited was the historic township of Jerome, the site of a once booming mine town built along the side of a mountain.  You can read more about the actual township and its history here.

We had to climb those steps to get to the Haunted Hamburger which was where we were going to eat lunch.

Half way up the view was quite spectacular

Here we go, food at last!

There was a skeleton with his crow sitting up near us...

There was a funny bookcase in the ceiling...very strange goings on!

After we finished a very enjoyable lunch we went outside to take in the views.

There were placards telling us about various points of interest in the town.

It was a bit like a ghost town in parts due to the various ruins.

This was a bit funny to see...I think it might have been a doggy doos bin.

The quaint little information centre.

The town jail which had slid down the hill about 225 feet from its original location. 

Apparently in 1927 large dynamite explosions underground cause the shifting of the large Verde Fault line and as a result the surface of the town became very unsettled and various areas and buildings began to fall apart and collapse.  The jail was one of these buildings!

It is now an historic building and as such is preserved where it settled.

On the way down to the jail is an art gallery to the left.

Sheila and Barbie coming down the steps.

Looking up at the car park and further up the hill where the jail would have been originally.

We made our way back to the car park to continue on with our tour.

Driving through Sedona we admire the scenery, so different to anything we have seen before.


Incredible blue sky.

Going past homesteads in the car...

Cathedral Rock

Pretty impressive isn't it?

Yes there are houses down there.

Coffee Pot Rock

Snoopy Rock

 Chapel of the Holy Cross

It looked very interesting built into the side of the rock formations.

Bell Rock

It was a super day and we saw a lot in the time span we had available to us and want to thank our new friend Barbie so very much for showing us around the area, it really as superb.  Thank you.


  1. What a fascinating place ... it looks hot and dry but strangely beautiful.

    1. Very hot and dry, and yes strangely beautiful, not in the traditional sense I am used to, but still beautiful.


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