Monday, 7 July 2014

Grand Canyon - Part Two

Scenes from the trail that some were brave enough to hike..

Through the hole in the rock...

I hope they were well prepared and had plenty of water with this heat it is all too easy to get heat exhaustion and become dehydrated.

The signs gave plenty of information and warnings.

Would have been fun to do it with the Mules...sadly we didn't get to see them.

Every view was different, even if similar...

Interesting fairy/feathery type flowers.

The river

The sun is starting to come down and the richness of the reds shows more.

Different colours in the rocks.

Watching the changes as the sun sets.

Sheila & Marti waiting for the sun to set.

The sun setting...the rocks get richer in colour.

It was just so beautiful

The sun sets over the Grand Canyon and our day is over.


  1. The Grand Canyon is just awe inspiring!! Photos don't really do it justice because they can't capture how incredibly vast it is. I saw it in 2012 ... and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Having said that your photos are just beautiful ... specially the sunset ones :0)


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