Thursday 15 May 2014

The Moon and an object.

Last night was a full moon so I decided to take the opportunity of a clear night to get some shots of it and it experiment with various settings on my camera.

After a few trial and error shots where I got some let me say interesting 'formations' of the moon I struck on pretty much the right one.

The moon looked pretty good in all her glory.

What I realised though when I was looking at the last photo in the series was a red dot near the moon.  I went back to some earlier shots and sure enough it was on them as well, just further away.

So although this is a pretty poor picture of the moon, you can see the red dot on the top left hand corner of the shot between the moon and the shot, pretty much in a straight diagonal line.

Now it is closer, slightly lower down

Closer still!  This being the last photo I took, the red dot is almost half way down the left hand side of the photo and moon.

I wonder what it was?  Fascinating - I would never have known if I hadn't taken these photos.


  1. Amazing shots of the full moon!

  2. These shots are amazing ... what camera setting did you use?
    I wonder what the dot was ... very curious.

    1. The last two photos I used Shutter Priority settings: ISO 3200. Arp F6.3 Exp 1/4000 FL 250.0mm

  3. Replies
    1. I am thinking it is probably a satellite due to the fact it moved... but don't really know.

  4. You are so talented in getting a shot of the moon. I've had to get a new camera but as a point and shoot photographer I'm not sure how much difference it will make.

    1. Thank you. Just experiment...that is what I do. It does help if you have a tripod though as you need the camera to be steady. Have go, have fun! ;-)


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