Monday, 5 May 2014

New Zealand - Wenderholm Regional Park

One of my favourite places in New Zealand is Wenderholm Regional Park and I have many happy memories of going there as a child, a teenager, and as an adult. I have picnicked there, hiked, swam and met up with friends.

On Monday 24th March we went there for lunch and the afternoon and it was really lovely indeed.  Pretty much deserted, unlike the weekends when it can often be packed, being a favourite spot for family days out.

The park is 'cradled by the Puhoi and Waiwera Rivers' and was one of the first Auckland Regional parks opening in 1965 taking its name from the historic homestead on the site, Couldrey House, which was formerly called Wenderholm which means Winter Home.

I just love it.  It was peaceful, serene, with the most beautiful scenery and bird life.  

Enjoy the photos.

Little Dotteral

Plenty of areas for families to picnic and play ball games.

The next set of few photos I have entitled 'Walking hand in hand'

My wonderful Mum and Dad, whom I miss so very very much.  Every day I am here in England my heart breaks a little bit more for them and my sister in New Zealand

Lovely picnic areas.

One solitary soul enjoying the peace.

A solitary Godwit debating on whether it was time to leave or not...

A that something edible I spy?

Colourful Pukeko

Oyster Catchers

One of the holiday bach you can rent.

Very secluded accessible only by boat

Mine, all mine!

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