Tuesday, 6 May 2014

In the weekend

Some shots from in the garden over the weekend.

A sweet little baby robin has been visiting with its parents.

Mrs Blackbird is often around early in the morning and late afternoon when she has a 'bath'

The little Dunnock is also busy foraging for food to take back her nest.

Our front lawn was full of these! 

Fortunately no more as the lawn has now been mowed, but I am guessing we will have even more dandelions nest time now they have seeded everywhere.  Still the guinea pigs love them.

The first rose bud.

The rhododendron is also coming out to bloom.

The marigolds are putting on a good show.

Naughty squirrels...you can guess what they have been up to.

'Who me?'

Yes you!

This lovely rhododendron, one of my favourite colours is in the back garden.

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  1. Very pretty indeed ... your garden must be a joy


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