Friday, 9 May 2014

Cold Comfort Farm & other books.

I have finished reading Cold Comfort Farm...I ended up having to also buy the kindle version so I could read the print!  Although I have 'super douper variofocal ' lenses, I find them impossible to read with and as I read at night and the print in this book was especially small and slightly indistinct due to the newsprint format the book, it was just too much effort so larger print was called for.  Oh the vulgarities of getting older!

Gosh now what did I think of this book?  That is a hard one. I did enjoy it once I succumbed to getting the kindle version, it became easier to read, despite some of the unusual words and expressions, which are of course part of the charm and wit of the book.  I notice that some reviews say it is hilarious, and I wouldn't call it that, but it was enjoyable with some fun and memorable moments.  I love the way the main character, Flora, takes the family in hand, changes the way they look at things with subtle hints and innuendos and bends them to her will and what she 'perceives' to be a better way of life and behaviour.  She is probably correct!  The family was what one would call today very 'dysfunctional'  with a reluctance to change, ruled over by the Matriarchal figure who 'once saw something nasty in the woodshed' and as such is a 'disturbed' character...who of course uses this to manipulate the rest of the family .    Flora comes in as a breath of fresh air and after settling in for a few days or maybe weeks, sets about changing things, starting with the washing of her curtains!  

I think I would quite like to read this again sometime - preferably the book version as the kindle does frustrate me in that it is more difficult to flick back a few pages to refer to things and then flick back to the page you are reading.


Now reading:

Another book recommended by my friend in New Zealand.

Plus I picked up the next book in a local charity shop as it looked like it might be an interesting read at some point.

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