Sunday, 18 May 2014

My garden in the weekend.

The early bird

My roses have started flowering and are looking fabulous.

Rhapsody in Blue has not disappointed me.

This has to be one of my favourite roses

Not only because of its colour, but also its name.

This rose climbs up our arch over the front path


Another Rhododendron about to burst into flower.

My favourite rhodi in the garden has to be this yellow one.

Loving this Aquilegia 

Now if I was a garden who really planned out her garden, the front barked garden would have had all different varieties of plants of one colour... I would have had this, the rose Rhapsody in Blue, the purple flowering hebe, the lavender...of course my garden has evolved over the years and things just got planted so it is not like fact when a friend arrived to pick me up the other day she said it was like a 'small holding' perhaps in part due to guinea pig hutches and runs.  

The hanging baskets are starting to take shape and look good.

So yes our garden may not be 'neat and orderly', tending to more of a natural rambling kind of look, but it is one that works for me and my capabilities - days I have too much pain it can just 'be' I don't have to worry about constant maintenance to keep it looking 'just so'.  Most importantly the flowers and shrubs bring me a lot of pleasure and the insects and birds seem to like it too!


  1. Did the early bird get the worm???
    Your garden is looking stunning, that rose, Rhapsody in Blue is gorgeous.

    1. Oh indeed...I think she got many :-)

  2. I was just about to ask that question … but Sue got in before me :0)


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