Sunday, 29 December 2013

Saturday walk in the park

It was such a lovely, day yesterday, even if it was rather cold!  The rest of the house were sleeping so I took myself off to the park with Percy.

Some flowers left on a memorial bench.

Percy on alert.

I was amazed to see blossom coming out on some of the trees in the water garden.

I am sure they are far too early, but this is probably a reflection of the weather & temperatures we have been having.

Oops, he almost fell in here!

What?  My tongue ain't long! isn't long at all!

Ducks on the lake

Sitting down taking in some of the sunshine while Percy has a look at his surroundings.

Such a fun little companion.

More birds on the water.

Some geese enjoying the water.

It is another lovely day here today as well, although must be a lot colder as there is now frost on the ground!

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  1. Lovely - just what one needs after Christmas a walk by oneself or with a four legged companion!


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