Sunday, 22 December 2013

A Pause in Advent - Four

Joining Floss from Troc Broc & Recup  and friends in taking time out from the rush and panic of Christmas to pause, reflect and enjoy Advent.  

So for the final Pause...things are starting to come together.  The carol concerts have been sung and enjoyed, the presents have been bought, the house is starting to look like it might be ready for Christmas Day.  I have planned the meal and written a list of groceries we need to purchase in order to make it happen.

The Rotary Club Sleigh has done its rounds and was up our street this evening - I have photographed it nearly every year and gone out to watch it make its way up our street playing the Christmas Carols.  To me this always seems to mark the beginning of Christmas.  It was later this year than previous, but I think I like it later...

Our dining room table has been cleared and is waiting...

Just a few more little jobs to see to - the house you can see needs moving out of the lounge to allow more room on Christmas Day for our family who will be coming round to share the day with us.

During these 'Pause for Advent' posts, there have been no profound or deep thinking messages from me, just a simple reflection of our quiet approach to Christmas.  


  1. Have a lovely time - no need for profound or deep thoughts after all didn't Christ say that we should be as little children? And they don't do profound do they?

  2. This is what I've been loving about everyone's pauses' they are all different and reflect where we are in our own lives - some deep, some quiet but all so personal. Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. And a quiet approach is often the best! We need to spend quiet times too! X


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