Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Decorating & Advent Tree Day Nine & Ten.

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas around here...

The various teddies and other characters are out.

Mrs Claus and Santa are enjoying some rest time.

The tree is decorated - never realised just how many snowmen I had!

Father Christmas welcomes all who come.

Lights on the little tree.

Knitted nativity scene.

Another Father Christmas and assorted Christmas softies.

Yet another Father Christmas with various decorations.

The lights on the tree.

The little tree just in the front door.

The window scene.  (Better clean the windows and frames tomorrow!_

From the other side.  The nativity is quite special being made by our older son when he was very young.

Snow village scene.

Advent Tree Day Nine - Another little snowman!

The little Christmas Elf yesterday.

The Christmas Elf today.

Advent Tree Day 10 - A bell

Christmas cushions.

Some Christmas lights.

Now all the empty boxes have to go back in the loft, but I am leaving that for DH to do when he gets home!

Choir tonight - so will really be getting into the Christmas spirit with our Carol Concert rehearsal.


  1. Oh my you put me to shame, my tree is still not up!!

  2. These are lovely and I particularly like the knitted nativity scene.


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