Friday, 13 December 2013

A catch up post!

Well a bit of a catch up post as far as the Advent tree and Christmas Elf go.

Day 11 saw yet another snowman put on the tree.

Day Twelve was a little boy (I think) 

Day Thirteen a Christmas caroller?

The Christmas Elf has been busy finding places to perch. 

11th - In the leaves of the pot plant.

12th - On top of the Queen...surprised DH didn't notice this one!

13th - Nestled in between Mrs and Santa Claus.

Yesterday while down in the town centre I popped into a couple of charity shops and came home with four books - they were 2 for 50p!

I've heard good things about these children's books, so look forward to reading these as a bit of light relief between my more 'serious' reading.

Couldn't resist this lovely little well known book either.

I also saw this wooden carved figure in the Antique shop.

 I have no idea of the age, but there was something about her that appealed to me.

Today I said goodbye to one of my musical instruments.

As it is still very unlikely that I will be playing again - it has been almost five years now since the operation that stuffed up the nerves in my arm - I put the first of my instruments up for sale.  It sold today and is going to a 17 years old young lady who has been playing a few years and wants to also play soprano saxophone.  It is very sad to see it go, a kind of acceptance, but it pleases me to know it is going to budding young musician.  I wish her much enjoyment.

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