Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Pause in Advent - Two

Joining Floss from Troc Broc & Recup  and friends in taking time out from the rush and panic of Christmas to pause, reflect and enjoy Advent.  

Today is the second Sunday in Advent,and we have been continuing to take things fairly easy, although have a fairly busy week ahead.

I have been enjoying the daily little ornaments to hang on my little wooden Advent tree, and having fun with the Christmas Elf.  Surprisingly even my husband has got into the swing of things with that little Elf.  

The Community Choir I belong to and the Wednesday afternoon singing group have been full of preparation for Christmas Carol Concerts and I am looking forward to these.  We had an impromptu performance last Wednesday afternoon which was very enjoyable indeed.

No real profound words of wisdom or advice from me, just moving through the days with a gentle casualness that I hope will extend over the whole of this season.

I was watching a squirrel in the garden today getting on with his business...and marvelled at the wonder of nature and wildlife so thought I would share these pictures with you.

A few roses, some not at their best but still bravely flowering.  Most have been pruned back, but I try to keep a few flowering all year round to add a splash of colour to brighten the darker days.

Some more decorating will hopefully be happening this week.  There is no rush, what will be done, will be done.


  1. And what will be done will be meant to be done! Thank you for these few moments of tranquillity in the midst of the Sunday night rush!

  2. The squirrel is gorgeous! X


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