Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Pause in Advent - One

When better to start my 'new blog' than on the 1st December and by celebrating Advent.

This is the fifth year I have joined Floss from Troc Broc & Recup in taking time out from the rush and panic of Christmas to pause, reflect and enjoy Advent.

This may be the last year we have both boys at home for Christmas.  Certainly our older son will be away at sea next Christmas, so we want to spend time together as a family and enjoy the moment.  With the boys now 22 and 17, there is a more mature slant on this time of year.   Although their mother seems to have regressed into the world of imagination and play!

Like last year I will be cooking Christmas dinner for us and my mother in law and her partner.  We have a lovely big dining table this year and I am looking forward to being able to dress the table with a bit more 'finesse' although I plan to use what I already have or make some table decorations as needed.  This will be quite a treat and a change from us all trying to clamber round our little kitchen table.  

I hope that we can enjoy this time with no stress and angst and simplify the gift giving to some extent focussing not on the 'glitz and glamour' and heavy advertising that goes on at this time of year, but rather little things that will be useful that each of us may want or need.  As we only have a small family this is easier for us to do than for others. Fortunately not having a television means that we are not being constantly bombarded with all the Christmas hype.  Instead we can work our way into this period with gentle progress.

The decorating has started and the Advent Calendar is ready - it is different this year. We have a little wooden Christmas tree to put a decoration on each day which should be fun.  Some may find this a little tacky, but we think it is sweet  and can be used year after year.

Looks like a little mouse has made an appearance today on this first day of Advent.

He looks rather lonesome hanging there, but before we know it, he will be joined by all his friends.


  1. I don't think your little tree tacky at all - it's the chocolate behind each door ones I don't understand. The little mouse will soon be joined by others no doubt.

  2. Oh, oh! I think this is a BEAUTIFUL Advent decoration - I would love one of these. It is not at all childish, and I look forward to seeing more and more decorations joining it, and finding out about your Christmas plans.

  3. Your little wooden Christmas tree is lovely.......sometimes as we get older we forget how important it is to feeds our creativity and reconnects us to the child that we once were.

  4. Not tacky at all! I love this tree and the memories it shares.

  5. I love your advent calendar idea! And your Christmas background!
    For several years we've been scaling back on Christmas and trying to concentrate on the important things. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That is such a special little tree. It reminds me of some of the lovely decorations I have seen in the Austrian Christmas markets.

  7. Oh how cute is your tree!! I love anything with small draws.

  8. Hello, fine new place! We have a little tree a bit like this one. My boys- still younger than yours- have sequestered it for the elaborate den they built for themselves this weekend in a corner of the kitchen. A veritable hobbit hole it is, with entrances and chambers, and it pleases me that they have a little Advent tree slowly more resplendent as the fun draws nigh! I wish you great elegance and fine feasting, and am sure that it will no nothing less than celebrate your values and your joys.

  9. Ooooh Love your Advent Tree! ~ May You and Yours Find JoY Together in This Holiday Season - LuV, TiGGy


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