Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sunny Sunday

Our lounge still contains all our bedroom furniture and other items that were stored in the bedroom as well as the pictures that were on the walls.  Of course now we have new wallpaper I don't want to put anything up on the walls, at least not for a while, so I will package the pictures up and see if I can find somewhere to store them for a while.  

I bought a big roll of bubble wrap the other week for wrapping my ebay sales in, but really disappointed with the quality.  Almost as soon as you touch the bubbles the air disappears from them, they don't even pop! I will use this to wrap the pictures in and to use as extra packaging for parcels, but for anything fragile it is not really suitable so will have to get some more.

The last few days have seen some lovely blue skies and sunshine, although it has been cold.  I've not been feeling the best.  These train trips into London twice a week have exposed me to germs I wouldn't normally catch.  

Today I cleaned the light shade that had been hanging in our main bedroom.  It is dated, but it looks clean and tidy and has roses on it, so it will do.  I still quite like it.

It will be a while yet before we can even think about decorating for Christmas... still not sure when the carpet will be fitted, so until then we just have to keep living with the mess.  I do plan to try and go through some of the stuff this week though and see what I can 'sell, throw, giveaway, package up and keep'.  

I plan to write my overseas Christmas cards in the next week - the final posting date is coming up soon.  I had hoped to get some of my photographs made into cards, but just haven't had the enthusiasm, mojo, or whatever it is to get them done, so it will be going through my stash of cards instead.  We have plenty so might as well use those first, plus it will save some money.  Just got to remember where they were put!

The Sailor arrives home on Wednesday and I am looking forward to seeing him again, although this time he will be going to live in his own house and not stay here.  Seems he has flown the nest.  Although he hasn't lived here permanently for a few years, he always stays here when he is home on leave.  It was strange changing his room round when he left in June.  Although I have been sleeping in it since then, it was always his room.  I guess now it really is my room.  

The new guinea pig has arrived and he seems to be getting on well with Jay (Jeremy) which is good news.  Now just got to think of a good name for him.


  1. How nice that there are no squabbles between Jeremy and the new piggy.
    I don't know where you bought your bubble wrap but I bought a couple of rolls at a Dollar store and it's quite useless as to what it is meant to do.

  2. Yay for piggies getting along! Whew!

  3. Good idea about using your supply of Christmas cards. We're trying to do the same with wrapping paper. I have a theory that every package of Christmas wrap has the one 'ugly roll' that no one ever wants to use. For the past several seasons I have been determined to use up all of the ugly wrapping paper we have accumulated. This year I think I will finally accomplish my goal!


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