Monday, 10 April 2017

Nature & Wildlife in the Garden in New Zealand

I spent quite a lot of time in the garden observing nature while in NZ.


Pretty rose with a gorgeous scent.

Water lilies in the pond at my parents place.

Insects, Moths & Spiders:

Cicada casing.


Praying Mantis

Monarch Butterfly

Northern Wattle Moth

Leopard slug seen one night on the wall.


I was delighted to capture this little Wax Eye.

Wood Pigeon

A highlight was seeing the little Morepork that I heard calling each night.

Birds seen while out:

Of course the series of bird photos wouldn't be complete without the little fantail.

(Repeat photos of previous post - just because these are some of my most favourite little birds)

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  1. So many delightful photos. I just love the cicada shots, so sharp. And the little Wax Eyes; they can be so hard to get a good shot of. I, for one, can never resist a fantail!


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